bb BB Paradise by Asagiri Yuu

Genre: Shoujo
Status: Needs Japanese translator
ISBNs: (Japan)
Vol 1: 4-06-303002-4
Vol 2: 4-06-303010-5
Being scanlated to:
Portuguese : Mais Mgá!

Summary: Tsubasa Nonomiya transfered to a new school because she wanted to be the manager of the boy’s basketball team. When asked about it she claims to hate basketball. So why did she transfer schools? The answer- Takaya Misaki. Who happens to be on the schools soccer (or football if you aren’t in North America) team not on the basketball team. What’s going on!?

Alternate Title: B.B. Tengoku

Releases: Vol 1 Ch 1-2

 comic Comic Lover Dream by Huei-Yuan Cheng

Genre: Shoujo
Status: Needs chinese translator
ISBNs: (China)
Vol 1:   ???
Vol 2:   ???
Vol 3:   ???
Vol 4:   ???

Summary: A senior high school student, Yi-chen, is a girl’s comic lover. She likes to draw girl’s comic and share them with her friends who joined the “Comic Association” in the school. Ching-ching, Yi-chan’s schoolmate, draws shoujo manga very well, and thinks that “Comic Association” should not necessarily exist because their drawing level is too low. Yi-chan is very angry and bets that she will win Ching-ching in this year’s “Manga Competition” otherwise the “Comic Association” will be terminated. At that day, she met a boy, Cheng-yio, who transferred to her class. Although Yi-chan did not agree, Cheng-yo moved in Yi-chan’s house by coincidence.

Releases: Vol 1 Ch 1-2

 cosmo Cosmo na Bokura by Hiwatari Saki

Genre: Shoujo
Status: Needs QCing
ISBNs: (Chinese | Japanese)
Vol 1:   ISBN 957-25-5656-8 (C)
Vol 2:   ISBN 957-25-5821-8 (C)
Vol 3:   ISBN 957-25-6017-4 (C)
Vol 4:   ISBN 957-25-6291-6 (C)
Vol 1:   ISBN 4-592-17013-X (J)
Vol 2:   ISBN 4-592-17014-8 (J)
Vol 3:   ISBN 4-592-17015-6 (J)
Vol 4:   ISBN 4-592-17016-4 (J)

Summary: This 4 volume manga is about Haruko, who after her mothers’ death, gains her moms familiar and her witches name. Unfortunatly Silk, the cat familiar, has been unable to teach Haruko any magic but dream communication. But beware, if anyone finds out her witch name she’ll have to obey that person. Is this real or is it all in her mind?
Thanks to Chumichum for agreeing to let me use her scans.

Alternate Title: Uchuu na Bokura!

Releases: Vol 1 Ch 1-5; Vol 2 Ch 6-8; Vol 3 Ch 9-12; Vol 4 Ch 13-14

 happy Happy Honey Life by Jun Kajimoto

Genre: Yaoi
Status: Being translated
Joint with: Countless Time
ISBN: 4-89644-023-4 (Japan)


Summary: This one volume manga contains several yaoi short stories that I hope you all like.

Releases: Vol 1 Ch 1-5

 koiarashi Koi No Arashi by Masami Takeuchi

Genre: Josei
Status: Needs Japanese translator
ISBN: 4-09-132739-7 (Japan)

Summary: Keiko’s at a wedding for the one she loved. She wants to cry, but sees that the guy, Haru, next to her crying. Keiko feels that they can get along since they were both rejected. But Keiko finds out that Haru was gay and that they both loved the same guy. The two of them get along real well and start to live with one another. But Keiko starts to fall in love with Haru and doesn’t know what to do…Also includes 2 other stories: Honey and Sekai De Ichiban Yasashii Kiss.
This summary was taken directly from the site the manga was bought from.

Releases: Ch 1

 ok OK Girl by Sugi Emiko

Genre: Shoujo
Status: Needs chinese translator
Being Scanlated to
Portuguese : Mais Mgá!

Summary: Ayako Minato, a girl who dreams of becoming a model, must bare her soul and body to three men, her idol photographer, Bird, his student and to a successful male model. Thay will change her ideal world of beauty as she is taught the meaning of true beauty. But can she do it?

Alternate title: U-Bu U-Bu

Releases: Vol 1 Part a-g; Vol 2 Ch 1-4

 second Second Boy by Yu Takahashi

Genre: Yaoi
Status: Needs Chinese translator
ISBN: 957-498-470-2 (China)

Summary: Mitsu and Hiroki are close friends, and Mitsu knows Hiroki loves him. One day, the relationship between the two becomes dangerous and is about to be destroyed.

Releases: Vol 1 Ch 1-3

 tennen Tennen Bitter Chocolate by Ashihara Hinako

Genre: Shoujo
Status: Needs Editor and Korean translator
ISBNs: (Korea)
Vol 1: 89-527-2539-5
Vol 2: 89-527-2540-9
Vol 3: 89-527-2601-4
Being scanlated to:
Portuguese : Ashiteru-Tenshi
Italian : Endless Dreams

Summary: Despite repeated rejections, Shinatsu fell in love at first sight with the most popular boy in school, Yoshiyuki-sempai (a member of the tennis club). After unhesitatingly joining the team, she gets rejected by her sempai. On top of that, she is bullied by his girlfriend. However, as her childhood friend Iku, says, “Things that are too easy to obtain aren’t amusing at all.” Right?

Releases: Vol 1 Ch 1-5; Vol 2 Ch 6-7

 watashi Watashi o Mamotte by Minami Megumu

Genre: Yaoi
Status: Needs Editor!
ISBN: 4-8322-8301-4

Summary: Coming soon…

Releases: Coming soon!