17 Guyz by Nitta Youka


Genre: Yaoi
ISBN: 4-8124-5423-9

Summary: This one volume manga consists of chapters 1-4 which are about two 17 year old boys who find love and chapter 5-6 are extra, stand alone, chapters.

Releases: Vol 1 Ch 1-6

 ai_tomenai  Ai O Tomenaide by Miyaka Fujio

Genre: Shoujo
ISBN: 4-09-136788-7 (Japan)
Being Scanlated to:
Spanish : Alura’s World
Portuguese : Ashiteru-Tenshi
French : Angel’s Paradise

Summary: Kio is a happily married woman…until she meets Chihaya. Chihaya wants Kio, but Kio tells him that she can’t because she is married, but Kio is more and more attracted to Chiharu. Also includes Cinderella No Yume O Mita.
This summary was taken directly from the site the manga was bought from.Releases: Vol 1 Ch 1-3
 akuma Akuma De Junai by Ikezawa Satomi

Genre: Shoujo
ISBNs: (Japan)
Vol 1: ISBN 4-06-302800-3
Vol 2: ISBN 4-06-302812-7
Being scanlated to:
Portuguese : Ashiteru-Tenshi

Summary: This 2 volume series is by the mangaka of Othello and Guru Guru Ponchan. Because of her fathers job, Aki was raised in England. So when she moved back to Japan she was teased horribly for being “foreign”. Now Aki is also a very beatiful young woman, which makes it even harder to make friends and be accepted. After the coolest boy at school starts taking an interest in her, things only get worse. As the jealous girls start to harass her, Aki shows a side of herself that even she didn’t know about.

Releases: Vol 1 Parts 1-6, Vol 2 Part 1-5

 bng Boys’ N Girl by Kei Yasunaga

Genre: Shoujo
ISBNs: (Chinese | Japanese)
Vol 1:   ISBN 957-34-8668-7 (C)
Vol 2:   ISBN 4-06-303111-x (J)
Vol 3:   ISBN 4-06-303134-9 (J)
Vol 4:   ISBN 957-731-263-2 (C)
Vol 5:   ISBN 957-731-264-0 (C)
Being scanlated to:
French : Kirei na Sekai
German : Akuma Corporation
Russian : http://www.t-elly.narod.ru
Portugese : …
Spanish : Black Bird No Fansub
Polish :

Summary: Boys’ N Girl is a 5 volume manga about when Aria Hoshina transfers to Saiko Garden, a prestigious school, where her widower father is a supervisor for one of the the girls’ dorm. When Aria arrives she discovers that the 222 BOYS in the dorm are delinquents.

Releases: Vol 1-5 Ch 1-16