Release: Elf and Hunter & Red Chrysanthamum

Hi all! Sorry it took awhile, I promised more releases and I’m finally doing it. With Golden Roze Scans we bring you 2 short shoujo one-shots. Elf and Hunter & Red Chrysanthamum. Elf and Hunter Download Red Chrysanthamum Download

Ok. NOW I’m back

So life is complicated. I stopped working on my new website layout because my brother needed my help with his work website, helping my brother had to take priority. Then my computer crashed, and I was using my old desktop, and I figured I’d deal with scanlations when I got a new computer. Neither desktop … [Read more…]

I’m back!

Sorry for the emptiness! I decided in the middle of the night, when I should be sleeping, to change the website layout. I’ve never used wordpress to design a layout before, I always did it the old fashioned way, with actually writing html code. I’m working on projects again. I’ve got a couple things that … [Read more…]